For more than 20 years we have been designing and making innovative or classic wedding cakes with the most delicious bases to the highest standards. We have dozens of style, floral sprays and cake stands. So, no matter how eloborate or simple your requirement, we can device the perfect cake.
  We offer wedding and celebration cakes made entirely by hand to the highest standard.Only the country's finest HALAL ingredient are used for our superbly mouth-waterly rich fruitcake.

Vanilla butter cakes are also available as an alternative, all wrapped in fondant icing. The exquisite decor of flowers and leaves are all lovingly handmade from sugar gumpaste to the most detail.

Visit our Cake Gallery to see the incredible themes and motifs we can create.
A sweet sugar dough that's rolled out and wrapped around each cake. Fondant has a smooth finish and a chewy texture. DO NOT REFRIDGERATE.

A sugery dough that's treat for making ribbons, flowers and dries hard. DO NOT REFRIDGERATE.